I am no stranger to paranormal activity (lol not the movie but real events lmao) I have been around or experienced things on and off since I was a kid. Anyhow, I do have a 3 1/2 yr old, we have 2 dogs a pitbull and a yorkie, 2 parakeets, a snake and a frog, oh and a beta fish. lol We have only lived here since November so I really don’t know anything about the history of the house, although we do live like 5 blocks from Normans OU campus and campus corner… so I wouldn’t doubt a hearty history. Here’s what happened the other day, I had just gotten off of skype with friends, I was about to go to bed but was fiddling with my cell phone on a doodle app when one of my son’s toys, a little people fire truck started going off, I looked up from my phone and it was 2:11am, I sat there for a min waiting to see if it would just stop. But it didn’t so I got up and went into the living room thinking maybe it was in the toy box and was maybe being set off by other toys on it… that was NOT the case, the toy was sitting on the shelf not touch by any thing else visible. And it was still making the sounds while I stood there in front of it! So I unlocked my phone, turned on the camera to record and the second I hit record it STOPPED! (I posted that video to my facebook, here is the link: Video of  toy ) Now the first time I really acknowledged that something was going on was a month or so ago, I was lying in my bed reading a book, my clock radio was playing on the classical music channel, the only light in the room was on (a lamp) in the corner by the door, and the area heater was on as well near the lamp on the stairs…as I was lying there reading the light (2 bulbs btw) turned off, I sat there for a sec looked at the clock radio, numbers still light and music still playing, heater light still on and it was still blowing, about a minute and a half later the light turned back on. I got up and walked into the house, across the living room and down the hall to my oldest son and his girlfriends room, he was not there and she was sound asleep in bed! So I called my son to see if he maybe was outside and tripped a breaker or something (still trying to reason) lol but when he answered I found he was at walmart and no where near the house! When we first moved into this house my and the 3 yr old were in the “add on” room that used to be the garage I think, recently my friend moved out and so we moved into the 2nd bedroom from that add on room…. and since then I have noticed that all of a sudden my 3 yr old is back to sleeping soundly all night long, he doesn’t wake up crying or screaming anymore at night either, not even when I am sitting in the same room talking on skype or ventrillo with friends! And I realize now that all that started when we moved into this house and into that room.

I may add more to this later, as I have enlisted the help of a local “ghost hunting” group, I sent this story to them and am waiting on a reply. We shall see how it plays out. Until next time.