Although it may seem odd or even rude to admit,
Before I met you,
You weren’t even a blip…
On my radar of life, I had no clue.
Not a inkling, not a notion.
It was pure chance that I was there,
Pure fate that had me pay that fare.
While others follow and manipulate
Just longing for the ride,
I came along and landed me at your side.
I knew nothing about you,
Yet I saw something rare.
That beautiful light shining there.
The way you listen… and apply what you hear.
How you teach without direction,
And touch without affection.
The raw openneess you offered siletly, subconsciously.
You see…I love your heart,  I don’t care who you are,
Who you were,
Who you will be…
I love your heart,
For it will forever be.