So I’m starting this behind schedule so I will do my best to catch up! Even if it means my posting short meaningless babble! Which is what I happen to be good at so I’m sure you all will be impressed and entertained! I’m thinking about starting a vlog as well but I’m just not certain yet what I’m going to do yet. Anyhow, so this is my April 1st blog and now I’m going to run off to do something constructive…ok not “running” but walking…..ok and probably won’t be constructive either but you know when I take my ninight Ambien it is just not a good idea for me to get on here and start typing, I mean really, I say anything already with out meds …… I might tell some real live top secret shit now! …..Naw, no one care about “top secret” shit except for the assholes who did it and don’t want everyone to know about it! Anyhow, I am out! hehe Love ya!