Some say pride is a sin, well call me sinful as I am full of pride! I am proud, I am immoral….to some I guess. Not that I care or even think much about it. But as it would seem, some pay far too much attention to what I say or what I feel. As if my thoughts or my words somehow shape who they are! I am proud I don’t live by anyone’s morals or values but my own! I’ve always thought that’s what “free will” was all about, is it not? As long as my actions don’t harm another persons free will and physical well being, what I choose for my life should not even cross the mind!

I’m proud, regardless of anyone’s condemnation of me or my life. What ever I do that may incite my higher power, my God, to anger is between me and my God! I don’t need you to chastise me, to coral me, nor refrain me! I take responsibility for my own actions, my own immorality, my own choices….according to YOUR God that is my right is it not? Who of you will go with me when my time is at it’s end, who of you, who spend so much time trying to control me and force me to abide by your morality will stand with me?…………exactly!