So, I was in Walmart (I know, I know) but I had to get TP and Paper towels. Anyway, I was checking out when in the next check out lane was a lady I saw when I was walking through the store, she had 2 cute little Asian kids (maybe 6 and 10) and a little 1 mo old with her, the baby was crying which is what drew my attention to her at the registers, so I’m looking at the baby thinking “aww poor hungry boy” when then I swore the little 6 yr old girl pinches the shit out of the baby’s cheek and he cries louder! Now at first I thought “maybe I am seeing shit” so I keep watching and just as the baby’s cries start to die down, she strokes his little cheek softly, then rubs his head lightly and lightly makes way back down to his face, looks over at the lady who is now trying to pay and then she once more pinches the shit out of the baby and he starts screaming again, and I might add now had a very red area on his cheek where the girl pinched him! So I call to the lady and ask her to come over to me since I didn’t want to make a huge scene and tell her what I saw, she says thank you, moves the girl from the baby and whispers something, but all the while didn’t look appalled or pissed, just maybe frowning a bit. My worry is, what else is that child doing to that baby? And what should I do now? If anything…did I do all I could do? I honestly am worried over this baby now.