More and more I am coming to the the realization that I am opting out of the religion ‘game’. I use the term game because that is how I’m beginning to see it now. I think people use their religion now days as a weapon, they use it to manipulate everyone. To force out individuality and free thinking! They use it to strip away peoples self esteem and self worth, because you know it’s sinful to be proud and or vain! They use it to incite fear, to keep others “in line” and most people find themselves buying IN. But sometimes I think it’s only because opting out so hard, all the “buyers” have done such a good job at dressing up the hypocrisy and hiding the obvious holes in their “beliefs” that to argue, to fight is just an endless circle or never ending hallway with an infinite number of doors that just lead to more endless halls….I for one have opted out, I don’t need your religion, or your ‘god’! I know my higher power, I feel my higher power! And that is all I need, my religion or lack there of has no bearing on you or your “fruits”! My path is mine alone. You can force me to your alter but you can not force me to partake!