I don’t consider this a “hate” crime as defined by law. However I DO believe George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martian and the only reason he focused on Trayvon  was because he was a black kid who “looked up to no good”. I also don’t believe George Zimmerman woke up that morning looking to kill “someone”…or a “coon”… which I think removes the 1st degree murder possibility. I do agree that the media, and the media whores have incited more racial animosity by their tactics! Now lets get him convicted, learn from this and start building a better future, for ourselves and our children! Don’t our kids have enough to deal with in our wake? Don’t they have enough to worry about being ridiculed about and picked on for? WE can change this, we can stop teaching them that the color of ones skin somehow determines someone’s worth, value or character!