So the city I live in…Norman, Oklahoma was said to not ever get hit by tornado’s. When we moved here back in 2005 until now I’ve always been told these crazy tales, perhaps intended to instill security and comfort that we wouldn’t ever be hit by a tornado. Unfortunately these types of fallacies and fish tales are all too often rebutted by nature itself!

I had heard them all…that, Norman is on some “Indian burial grounds”, that we are on some fault line that repels tornado’s, and of course that we are or aren’t in a valley which causes the cells to not form or prevents them from hitting us! Well I’m here to tell you that on April 13, 2012 at least 1 tornado set down in the MIDDLE of Norman, within 3 blocks of my house it touched down and tore shit up! It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I’ve sat out hurricanes and tropical storms and still never in my life been so scared!

So much for fish tales and ancient protections! The true fact is that nature is unpredictable! Anything is possible and no where is truly safe! When it is time, it is time! No matter how much or how many people are “praying” you can not change what is “meant to be”!  And although I was terrified and wanted to do all I could to protect my children and my fur/feather/scaled babies, I knew in my soul that no matter what, I had zero control over what was meant to be! And it reminded me to love them all a little bit harder, to hold them a little be closer and to show my undying thanks that I have them now, so  when it IS my time or theirs I will know, we will know that everyday we had together was cherished and will be for always and forever!