Why on earth are so many people I’ve never met so obsessed with my vagina? I mean really, seriously……

Where were you when I was an innocent little girl and those that were intrusted to love me, took that “love” too far and their thoughts and desires were of my vagina?

Where were you when I was in middle school and I started my period but had no clue what that meant and I thought I was dying and that my vagina was broken?

Where where you when I was in high school and the boys would say anything to get me to let them “in” my vagina?

Where where you when I was alone, trying to survive on my own and men who were old enough to be my father would attempt to “groom” me in order to gain my trust, so they could make money off my vagina?

Where were you then?

Where were you when I was 17 and believed a man who was 22 when he said he loved me and would “save” me….only to impregnate me then use the system to strip me of the only things that kept me alive, the children I carried and brought into this life from my vagina?

Where are you when men lie to me and tell me I’m the only one they will ever love, when they tell me they have never “felt” this way about anyone, ever, in an attempt to make me and my vagina just another notch on their bed post?

Where are you?

I know where, and so does everyone else…but we will save that for another post!

My vagina wasn’t your concern then, maybe it should have been! But in NONE of the ways you are trying to make it now!

Get, and KEEP…. your dirty, sanctimonious, self-righteous, holy rollin hands, minds and bibles out of my vagina!

I don’t need you’re regulation, your persecution, your condemnation, your humiliation! I’ve experienced more than enough of that, before my vagina….and my uterus became your “cause”!

If I want you in my vagina, I promise… I’ll invite you in!