Why is it that guys don’t get how gay they sound while playing video games like xbox with their friends. And please know when I say gay I don’t mean there is anything wrong with being gay, hell I’m all for everyone being free to love who they want! I wouldn’t even begin to try and categorize myself, I find men and women attractive, so whateve.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. So even though I think they would all probably kill me for using them as my example here, I took the opportunity to record the males that are always in my house playing xbox.

And let me add that it occurs to me if I simply posted the sound to this without any commentary I’m pretty certain people would assume this was gay porn in the making! Well to be honest they were playing UCF and that is pretty gay! lolz

Anyway, the great thing about my house and these goofy guys is there is always something I can use when my creativity is not so flowy! 🙂 Yes, I just said “flowy”, and what??!!

Well, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…here is the recording I took of the gay porn…I mean UCF game-age going on in the next rooms! Although the second room I’m pretty sure they were playing Halo. Which was far less gay pornish, arguably! lol

UCF XboX = Gay Porn???