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Obama and Conspiracy Theories

So last night,  my dad (who hates Obama I might add…*no comment*) says “did you know Obama is Bi” *let me add, this ‘discussion’ steamed from the anti-gay marriage bs in the news* so my reply was “No, I didn’t…but if he is, OKAY…who cares, what’s your point”? So anyhow, I was just “researching” this little/HUGE RUMOR and so far all I’ve come up with is some ridiculous conspiracy theory because 2 people in CHICAGO were “shot execution style” that at some point knew Obama (Dude, I’m from Chicago! Does the words GANGS AND DRUGS mean anything to you?) and A… *YES ONE*, pic of Obama sitting on a couch next to another man… I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that sitting on a couch next to someone of the same sex makes you gay, FUCK I’ve been GAY FOR LIKE FOREVER THEN! smh, aye…I’m gonna have to blog this shit tomorrow, I just have too much to say about it! I’m not a huge Obama “fan” but come on, let’s stop with the bullshit!

The more I think about this, the more annoyed I get about it! Now, first of all let me just say, if you haven’t figured it out yet… I am 100% PRO GLBT, I think anyone should be FREE to love and marry whomever they want as long as it is 2 CONSENTING,  LEGAL, ADULT, HUMANS!  And I might add it is sad that anyone has brought such stupid and ridiculous claims and arguments into this subject that it is even necessary to be so SPECIFIC and have to spell it out! I mean I saw the coverage of the fucking idiot Dr. Daniel Heimbech of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary saying that “if we legalize gay marriage people will think it’s okay to marry their dog or an ice cream cone”, I mean REALLY? FUCKING REALLY? Seriously… don’t get me wrong, I know oh too well how fucking stupid our country has become, hell I watch “FAUX NEWS” at times just like everyone else! And let’s not forget reality TV like oh I dunno “Jersey Shore”! But I’m pretty certain that most of us NORMAL or even semi-normal people of America can grasp the concept that while it’s OKAY for 2 men or 2 women to love each other and enter into a LEGAL and CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, IE MARRIAGE it is NOT OKAY for Jim Bob to sexually assault his goat and/or marry it!  I mean seriously if this is what this country has really come to then we are in a shit load more trouble than anyone cares to admit! And I’ve also heard about some freaking idiot (I think in Cali.) who claims because him and his UNDERAGE lover are gay it somehow makes it NOT pedophilia and ILLEGAL! Ummm hey buddy, gay or straight having SEX with a MINOR is sick and ILLEGAL!

Okay, back to the Obama drama. Now like I said earlier, 2 men who supposedly knew Pres. Obama were said to have been murdered, execution style….and it is ‘RUMORED’ that supposedly they may have been killed to “keep the secret” from being leaked. I might add that it is kind of funny to me that the original “story” was picked up by none other than gossip rag “THE GLOBE”! Which first and foremost makes me disbelieve the entire story from jump! But lets just delve into it shall we…1st of all were talking about Chicago! And I am from Chicago, I can tell you first had stories about growing up in the city, the gangs the drugs. So, ANYONE being killed execution style is definitely not a RARE occurrence by far! And I won’t even get into any race statistic’s here!

Now 2nd if we are gonna talk conspiracy theories, let’s take it the whole other direction! So we already know how corrupt our political system is, we already know there are some who despise Barak Obama and would do anything to ruin him… what IF, those people tried to pay or force/blackmail those 2 men… but they refused, and because they refused they executed them and then started this story/rumor of how the President had “gay” secret relationships and isn’t is “funny” how now those men are now dead? (I think this is about is far fetched as the original story, either could be true as much as neither could be true!) Oh and I might add here that supposedly there was a 3rd man involved in all of this but he supposedly died of complications of HIV. I intentionally didn’t involve the 3rd because there is just no “conspiracy” story that can be argued in his case, I mean I’m sure my very vivid imagination could come up with a very colorful story but it would really be pointless.

And lastly we have this provocative picture of a younger Obama sitting next to …..another man….on a couch! Holy shit! Wait, of course they are naked, wait no they aren’t! Of course they are holding hands, NOPE….kissing? NEGATIVE! So, ummm it’s just a pic of 2 guys sitting on a couch? YEP! Shit, I always knew I was gay! Geez, I wish I would have known sooner that sitting next to the same sex person on a couch makes you GAY! I could have avoided 1 HORRIBLE marriage and countless failed relationships with MEN! WTF!!! Hey, I’m gonna need you people out there to let me know the rules of life here, because obviously I am completely fucking oblivious!

I honestly just find this whole discussion absurd as hell! Why on earth does anyone care who Obama, or anyone else for that matter is sleeping with? Gay, Bi or Straight??? How does this affect or effect YOUR LIVES? Simple, IT DOESN’T! And furthermore, for those who like to drag their religion into it and refer to “the bible”….SO FUCKING WHAT…. again I ask, how does it affect or effect YOU PERSONALLY? Let’s just say I’m gay, for the sake of argument, and I die tomorrow. I get to the pearly gates and behold, holy fucking shit there IS a “GOD” are YOU coming with me, are YOU gonna stand there and be judged over MY choices, MY “SIN”? No! You will still be here living your hypocritical, pathetic, condemning lives!


Love is over rated, fairy tales are books, life is a box of chocolates, live for today, u might not get tomorrow!

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