People, People,  PLEASE stop with the “comparing” and “correlations” between monsters/killers! Realize GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE! Stupid, rage filled, maniac’s KILL people! They could have done it with a knife, a bomb, a blunt object, a crossbow…. or countless other ways! It’s not our “right to bare arms” that needs to be changed, it’s MUCH, MUCH deeper than that!

It’s our parenting or lack there of (tell your child NO sometimes! Stop letting them THINK they are the parent! Stop being AFRAID to DISCIPLINE out of fear of DHS! No child ever DIED from crying and there is a CLEAR LINE between DISCIPLINE and ABUSE, STOP being you kids FRIEND! YOU are their PARENT FIRST! Take a freaking PARENTING CLASS for damn sake!

Our lack of tolerance, our governments control of prosperity, our total failure as a NATION to stand TOGETHER and DEMAND better for those of us who WORK at LIFE….the COMMON people! Our complete abandonment of EMPATHY!

And, the mass concentration on a contradictory, egomaniacal and irrational, not to mention nonsensical belief system! Ugh, but I know you don’t hear me! I’m simply a voice in the middle of a massive, raging ocean!

But I will say this, if someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, has a weapon and is a threat of harm to your child/ren or partner….don’t you want to be ABLE to own a weapon that just might save all of your lives? Since of course, no one is really looking to “FIX” the REAL problems of our country!?

 I know I do….if someone broke into my home and was a threat to my life or that of MY CHILDREN, I definitely want to continue to lawfully own a gun for their protection as well as my own! And there is not a damn thing wrong with a person protecting their family, life, home or business!

A gun in a drawer can’t KILL anyone! But ANY weapon in the hands of a lunatic can! Maybe we should be focused on the process’s involved in applying for a gun licence, like an IQ or stability test, safety classes, anger management classes. There truly are other very good options that could be implemented!

Let’s actually focus on that, rather than what we have been focusing on!