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Missing Blogger

I know I’ve been quite absent the last month or so. Although I have had a bit of a rough bout with writers block, I’ve also kinda had some things going on that add to the block! I’ve had to take on a new doctor and his office is clear on the other side of the city and that takes an entire day for my twice a week appts. Talk about a pain! sheesh!

Then there is my mom, she was in Mexico for 6 months during the winter and not even a week after she gets back she is so sick she had to be hospitalized! So I had to be there of course, she’s my mommy and I’m her only child, and I love he,r so I needed to be there. 🙂  She seems to be recovering well and so I’m hoping for the best and that she will be back to 100% soon!

Then we have all the crazy ass storms that have continued to roll through and keep us all wet and worried! Rain, Hail, Tornado’s oh my! I’ve had about enough of the insane weather, I’m ready for it to blow somewhere else! I love the rain and try not to complain about it as this time last year the entire state was on fire!

Well, I have been bouncing around some creative ideas so I am hoping things will calm down a bit and I can focus on them soon!

Good night



Ok so the title is sort of misleading….but intended to be so. 😛 I just decided since I am so freaking behind on actually publishing my BEDA, some by pure laziness, and others thanks to stupid mother nature and her PMSing ass sending tornado’s to our supposed “safe” and “protected” town!

I decided to at least post a quick entry to update and tease….hey, I’m a chic that’s what we do, get over it! ;P
I’m actually working on a few different posts right now, but I have had a few distractions called ADD and LIFE! So, they’ve been a bit challenging.
Also, I am bouncing around some ideas to liven up things with my blog and hopefully be A LOT more entertaining as well as thought provoking.
Of course I have to have fun with it or my ADD will cause me to just abandon it all together! The trouble with ADD is that I always have a million things not only going on in my thought process but a million and 1 going on in the physical! It gets pretty tiring but again I’m a chic so I’m awesome at multi- tasking! hahaha
But also, honestly…not to toot my own horn or anything but I am nothing short of AMAZING! Hell, I’m a Goddess!
Well, that’s it for my “quickie” I’m off to push some of this shit to completion so I can focus on the next as well as the upcoming project!

Polling on Advice Blog

Something I’ve been working on and pondering about! Please vote bellow:

I don’t consider this a “hate” crime as defined by law. However I DO believe George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martian and the only reason he focused on Trayvon  was because he was a black kid who “looked up to no good”. I also don’t believe George Zimmerman woke up that morning looking to kill “someone”…or a “coon”… which I think removes the 1st degree murder possibility. I do agree that the media, and the media whores have incited more racial animosity by their tactics! Now lets get him convicted, learn from this and start building a better future, for ourselves and our children! Don’t our kids have enough to deal with in our wake? Don’t they have enough to worry about being ridiculed about and picked on for? WE can change this, we can stop teaching them that the color of ones skin somehow determines someone’s worth, value or character!

Opting out

More and more I am coming to the the realization that I am opting out of the religion ‘game’. I use the term game because that is how I’m beginning to see it now. I think people use their religion now days as a weapon, they use it to manipulate everyone. To force out individuality and free thinking! They use it to strip away peoples self esteem and self worth, because you know it’s sinful to be proud and or vain! They use it to incite fear, to keep others “in line” and most people find themselves buying IN. But sometimes I think it’s only because opting out so hard, all the “buyers” have done such a good job at dressing up the hypocrisy and hiding the obvious holes in their “beliefs” that to argue, to fight is just an endless circle or never ending hallway with an infinite number of doors that just lead to more endless halls….I for one have opted out, I don’t need your religion, or your ‘god’! I know my higher power, I feel my higher power! And that is all I need, my religion or lack there of has no bearing on you or your “fruits”! My path is mine alone. You can force me to your alter but you can not force me to partake!

Some say pride is a sin, well call me sinful as I am full of pride! I am proud, I am immoral….to some I guess. Not that I care or even think much about it. But as it would seem, some pay far too much attention to what I say or what I feel. As if my thoughts or my words somehow shape who they are! I am proud I don’t live by anyone’s morals or values but my own! I’ve always thought that’s what “free will” was all about, is it not? As long as my actions don’t harm another persons free will and physical well being, what I choose for my life should not even cross the mind!

I’m proud, regardless of anyone’s condemnation of me or my life. What ever I do that may incite my higher power, my God, to anger is between me and my God! I don’t need you to chastise me, to coral me, nor refrain me! I take responsibility for my own actions, my own immorality, my own choices….according to YOUR God that is my right is it not? Who of you will go with me when my time is at it’s end, who of you, who spend so much time trying to control me and force me to abide by your morality will stand with me?…………exactly!


So I’m starting this behind schedule so I will do my best to catch up! Even if it means my posting short meaningless babble! Which is what I happen to be good at so I’m sure you all will be impressed and entertained! I’m thinking about starting a vlog as well but I’m just not certain yet what I’m going to do yet. Anyhow, so this is my April 1st blog and now I’m going to run off to do something constructive…ok not “running” but walking…..ok and probably won’t be constructive either but you know when I take my ninight Ambien it is just not a good idea for me to get on here and start typing, I mean really, I say anything already with out meds …… I might tell some real live top secret shit now! …..Naw, no one care about “top secret” shit except for the assholes who did it and don’t want everyone to know about it! Anyhow, I am out! hehe Love ya!

I am no stranger to paranormal activity (lol not the movie but real events lmao) I have been around or experienced things on and off since I was a kid. Anyhow, I do have a 3 1/2 yr old, we have 2 dogs a pitbull and a yorkie, 2 parakeets, a snake and a frog, oh and a beta fish. lol We have only lived here since November so I really don’t know anything about the history of the house, although we do live like 5 blocks from Normans OU campus and campus corner… so I wouldn’t doubt a hearty history. Here’s what happened the other day, I had just gotten off of skype with friends, I was about to go to bed but was fiddling with my cell phone on a doodle app when one of my son’s toys, a little people fire truck started going off, I looked up from my phone and it was 2:11am, I sat there for a min waiting to see if it would just stop. But it didn’t so I got up and went into the living room thinking maybe it was in the toy box and was maybe being set off by other toys on it… that was NOT the case, the toy was sitting on the shelf not touch by any thing else visible. And it was still making the sounds while I stood there in front of it! So I unlocked my phone, turned on the camera to record and the second I hit record it STOPPED! (I posted that video to my facebook, here is the link: Video of  toy ) Now the first time I really acknowledged that something was going on was a month or so ago, I was lying in my bed reading a book, my clock radio was playing on the classical music channel, the only light in the room was on (a lamp) in the corner by the door, and the area heater was on as well near the lamp on the stairs…as I was lying there reading the light (2 bulbs btw) turned off, I sat there for a sec looked at the clock radio, numbers still light and music still playing, heater light still on and it was still blowing, about a minute and a half later the light turned back on. I got up and walked into the house, across the living room and down the hall to my oldest son and his girlfriends room, he was not there and she was sound asleep in bed! So I called my son to see if he maybe was outside and tripped a breaker or something (still trying to reason) lol but when he answered I found he was at walmart and no where near the house! When we first moved into this house my and the 3 yr old were in the “add on” room that used to be the garage I think, recently my friend moved out and so we moved into the 2nd bedroom from that add on room…. and since then I have noticed that all of a sudden my 3 yr old is back to sleeping soundly all night long, he doesn’t wake up crying or screaming anymore at night either, not even when I am sitting in the same room talking on skype or ventrillo with friends! And I realize now that all that started when we moved into this house and into that room.

I may add more to this later, as I have enlisted the help of a local “ghost hunting” group, I sent this story to them and am waiting on a reply. We shall see how it plays out. Until next time.

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