My 3 1/2 yr old is very bright, possible gifted. And very often we have some very colorful conversations, such as this one. But is also why I had to make a category dedicated to some of the priceless things he says. My hope is to start getting some of them on video to add here as well. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

Elijah being Elijah!

Me: Don’t break that hot dog off the truck Elijah

Elijah: But I need to get it off there.

Me: No, you aren’t supposed to take it off.

Elijah: Yes, it is!

Me: No it is not, you’re supposed to use your imagination and play with the hot dog truck.

Elijah: Mommy, I don’t have imagination! Imagination is for girls and I’m a boy!

(By the way, we do not even say things like “that’s for boys” or “that’s for girls” we simply allow all toys to be ungender specific)

Me: What! You have a great imagination, you use it all the time!

Elijah: Mommy! No I Don’t! I don’t have an imagination, because imagination is for girls! I’m not talking to you anymore! This is ridiculous!

Me: (LMFAO) Ummm you’re not talking to me anymore?

Elijah: NO! It’s just ridiculous!

Me: Sigh, okay then…but imagination is when you pretend things and have fun and you do that all the time.

Elijah: It is….oooookay!