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It’s quiet but the sounds in my head never seem to rest…..
I need to scream, I need to whisper I need to sing, I need to cry….why


You say nobody wants you but you know this isn’t quite true…..

You try and try to keep them at bay, pissin em off and sending em away…

You say you’re nobody, but I’m nobody too…

And this nobody did want you…

Nobody listens, nobody cares, nobody pays attention to the hearts bleeding red…

Nobody knows, nobody sees, nobody’s around when the soul finally leaves…

I know I’m nobody just like you, but you seem to be lost in your nobody zoo….

Nobody’s here, nobody’s there, but the more I seek the more I find nobody’s everywhere.

This nobody is okay, with nobody to hear, the nobody to share, the nobody whi cares.

The words I heard,…still resound like a gong,  they reverberate continuously through the hallways and tunnels in my mind….echoing and reminding me of his promise, “I can Teach you how to fly” sky high, to the heaves and then some those words take me.

Set me to longing, waiting, anticipating, for you….

To hear those words “I can teach you how to fly, sky high, sky high, I can teach you how to fly” those words, so promising, so sure.

I feel the confidence radiate from those words, I feed off your wisdom, I thirst for your guidance.

“Spread your wings and aim for the sky” you say like a melody that plays so symphonious and euphorically….

But here is where I stand, feet on the ledge, I need you, I need you to teach me, take my hand….pull me beneath your wings and teach me to fly, spread my wings and aim for the sky.

Together we will soar to new heights, new dreams, together we will view the entire universe,  when “you teach me how to fly, sky high, sky, high, spread your wings and aim for the sky” Together we will conquer the world from the heavenly sky.


I cant breathe
No air
Im drowning
No air
No air
No air
No air
No air
No air
No air
No air

Screaming, madness, hatred, violent…..


Silence, sanity, apathy, kindness…


Crashing, thrashing, shaking, pounding….


Stillness, surrender, tranquil, stroking….


Racing, banging, choking….pulsing…..



I know it may not seem so but I am fragile. I’m as soft as a lily and tender as the water colored sky.

I realize I put up a good front. My skill in deception in that can not be met.

It may not be obvious but, I’m as delicate as I am strong.

It my be hard to believe but, just as the ancient willows and oak trees my armor give way.

Be gentle my sweet, handle with care. For my strength can be broken and my charity lost.

They say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, but what of the one that doesn’t make you stronger but instead kills you.


I’m gonna make you miss me….. Wish you never left me….

I’m gonna make you want me….. regret all the times you beset me….

I’m gonna make you hunger me….. impossible to forget me…

I’m gonna make you thirst me…. no where to escape me….

You thought I’d stay down forever, never! You thought I’d never make it, mistake it! You mistook me for a toy, kill  joy.

Now I’m on a roll, the music alive in my soul. Now I’m running free, nothing but god can stop me. Now I’m believing, ready to start reaching.

Open my mouth, begin teaching. You should have had patience, you should have kept focus. Actions, making the difference.

Soon you’ll regret it, don’t you fret it….

I’m gonna make you miss me….. Wish you never left me….

I’m gonna make you want me….. regret all the times you beset me….

I’m gonna make you hunger me….. impossible to forget me…

I’m gonna make you thirst me…. no where to escape me….

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong, I over think things. I super analyze and misinterpret! I over indulge, I want too much, I need to hard, I expect it all…. am disappointed with what I get.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Only I admit I do these things. Even if it screw everything up. Even if it cause the opposite reaction that I expect.

Sometimes I wonder, what can I do to make it all right. But alas I find myself in the same vicious cycle, over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulging…..

Wanting too much, needing too hard, expecting it all and disappointed in the end.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Denying I’m to blame. Making it everyone’s fault but my own. Even if my over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulgence…..

My wanting too much, needing too hard and expecting it all only to be disappointed with the outcome, is the beginning and the end….

Infinite Me

My thoughts are a sea, endless and carefree….

My heart  is a mountain, sheer and gentle

My words are a meadow, colorful and sweet

My touch is a forest,  dense and intense

My love is a universe, colossal and infinite

My soul is a song that sings…. the depths of my sea,

the heights of my mountain tops,

the colors of my meadows,

the density of my forests,

the infinite song that is me.

Darkness reached across my mind, enveloping,
Consuming all hope, love and dream.
There was nothing but the darkness within my existence.
Growing and spreading like a deadly virus,
Until it would consume even my breath.
Replacing life giving oxygen,
Choking, violent gasps only finding more darkness.
Then by chance, a glimmer appeared, when I heard your voice, felt your touch….
The darkness fades, pushed back by growing sparks.
Silhouettes dance as the darkness falls away.
Succumbing to, contorted by,
Fuzzy impressions of joy, happiness, life.
Until at last the darkness was no more.
Slipped off into the abyss, consumed by….. your light.
Written March 13th 2008
Edited April 8th 2012

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