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Spiritual Roots

Over the last few months I’ve been soul searching and striving to understand what I feel deep in my inner self. I am fully aware of all I’ve learned in different religions and while I love and respect most of the basis of religions in general, I tend to pull away from the things that I feel are someones attempt at forming a thought or opinion. I’ve always felt more like a spiritual heart, I see love and life in everything. I cherish and respect the world as my teacher. Since I was a young girl I’ve felt some odd connection to things that I still to this day explain.

So I have come to the decision to delve back into my ‘roots’ as it were of spirituality and seek out the wisdom of the old “religions” before Christianity and find my purpose. I know I have gifts that I have no idea how to use, I also have gifts that I know how to use but have tried very hard to ignore them. It is my time. I need to focus and regain myself. I lost so much of me when I lost what I loved. And I gained some things that to be quite honest aren’t all that great! I have so much to give, and I live to share it all! I have always felt that desperation in my soul, the need to give, share, love, heal…. it is time! Maybe then my life will be in order and aligned for the beautiful things I deserve.

Blessed Be.

The words I heard,…still resound like a gong,  they reverberate continuously through the hallways and tunnels in my mind….echoing and reminding me of his promise, “I can Teach you how to fly” sky high, to the heaves and then some those words take me.

Set me to longing, waiting, anticipating, for you….

To hear those words “I can teach you how to fly, sky high, sky high, I can teach you how to fly” those words, so promising, so sure.

I feel the confidence radiate from those words, I feed off your wisdom, I thirst for your guidance.

“Spread your wings and aim for the sky” you say like a melody that plays so symphonious and euphorically….

But here is where I stand, feet on the ledge, I need you, I need you to teach me, take my hand….pull me beneath your wings and teach me to fly, spread my wings and aim for the sky.

Together we will soar to new heights, new dreams, together we will view the entire universe,  when “you teach me how to fly, sky high, sky, high, spread your wings and aim for the sky” Together we will conquer the world from the heavenly sky.


It’s so easy to think we know it all, understand everything, have it all figured out. Then we blink…. and 5, 8, 10 years later, we look back and realize everything we thought we knew then….looks so different now. Has a whole new meaning, outcome or answer. Life is funny that way.


Missing Blogger

I know I’ve been quite absent the last month or so. Although I have had a bit of a rough bout with writers block, I’ve also kinda had some things going on that add to the block! I’ve had to take on a new doctor and his office is clear on the other side of the city and that takes an entire day for my twice a week appts. Talk about a pain! sheesh!

Then there is my mom, she was in Mexico for 6 months during the winter and not even a week after she gets back she is so sick she had to be hospitalized! So I had to be there of course, she’s my mommy and I’m her only child, and I love he,r so I needed to be there. 🙂  She seems to be recovering well and so I’m hoping for the best and that she will be back to 100% soon!

Then we have all the crazy ass storms that have continued to roll through and keep us all wet and worried! Rain, Hail, Tornado’s oh my! I’ve had about enough of the insane weather, I’m ready for it to blow somewhere else! I love the rain and try not to complain about it as this time last year the entire state was on fire!

Well, I have been bouncing around some creative ideas so I am hoping things will calm down a bit and I can focus on them soon!

Good night


Love is over rated, fairy tales are books, life is a box of chocolates, live for today, u might not get tomorrow!

Inside my Quite

Screaming, madness, hatred, violent…..


Silence, sanity, apathy, kindness…


Crashing, thrashing, shaking, pounding….


Stillness, surrender, tranquil, stroking….


Racing, banging, choking….pulsing…..



Ok so the title is sort of misleading….but intended to be so. 😛 I just decided since I am so freaking behind on actually publishing my BEDA, some by pure laziness, and others thanks to stupid mother nature and her PMSing ass sending tornado’s to our supposed “safe” and “protected” town!

I decided to at least post a quick entry to update and tease….hey, I’m a chic that’s what we do, get over it! ;P
I’m actually working on a few different posts right now, but I have had a few distractions called ADD and LIFE! So, they’ve been a bit challenging.
Also, I am bouncing around some ideas to liven up things with my blog and hopefully be A LOT more entertaining as well as thought provoking.
Of course I have to have fun with it or my ADD will cause me to just abandon it all together! The trouble with ADD is that I always have a million things not only going on in my thought process but a million and 1 going on in the physical! It gets pretty tiring but again I’m a chic so I’m awesome at multi- tasking! hahaha
But also, honestly…not to toot my own horn or anything but I am nothing short of AMAZING! Hell, I’m a Goddess!
Well, that’s it for my “quickie” I’m off to push some of this shit to completion so I can focus on the next as well as the upcoming project!


I’m gonna make you miss me….. Wish you never left me….

I’m gonna make you want me….. regret all the times you beset me….

I’m gonna make you hunger me….. impossible to forget me…

I’m gonna make you thirst me…. no where to escape me….

You thought I’d stay down forever, never! You thought I’d never make it, mistake it! You mistook me for a toy, kill  joy.

Now I’m on a roll, the music alive in my soul. Now I’m running free, nothing but god can stop me. Now I’m believing, ready to start reaching.

Open my mouth, begin teaching. You should have had patience, you should have kept focus. Actions, making the difference.

Soon you’ll regret it, don’t you fret it….

I’m gonna make you miss me….. Wish you never left me….

I’m gonna make you want me….. regret all the times you beset me….

I’m gonna make you hunger me….. impossible to forget me…

I’m gonna make you thirst me…. no where to escape me….

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong, I over think things. I super analyze and misinterpret! I over indulge, I want too much, I need to hard, I expect it all…. am disappointed with what I get.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Only I admit I do these things. Even if it screw everything up. Even if it cause the opposite reaction that I expect.

Sometimes I wonder, what can I do to make it all right. But alas I find myself in the same vicious cycle, over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulging…..

Wanting too much, needing too hard, expecting it all and disappointed in the end.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Denying I’m to blame. Making it everyone’s fault but my own. Even if my over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulgence…..

My wanting too much, needing too hard and expecting it all only to be disappointed with the outcome, is the beginning and the end….

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