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It’s so easy to think we know it all, understand everything, have it all figured out. Then we blink…. and 5, 8, 10 years later, we look back and realize everything we thought we knew then….looks so different now. Has a whole new meaning, outcome or answer. Life is funny that way.



Love is over rated, fairy tales are books, life is a box of chocolates, live for today, u might not get tomorrow!

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing wrong, I over think things. I super analyze and misinterpret! I over indulge, I want too much, I need to hard, I expect it all…. am disappointed with what I get.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Only I admit I do these things. Even if it screw everything up. Even if it cause the opposite reaction that I expect.

Sometimes I wonder, what can I do to make it all right. But alas I find myself in the same vicious cycle, over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulging…..

Wanting too much, needing too hard, expecting it all and disappointed in the end.

Maybe, I’m just like everyone else. Denying I’m to blame. Making it everyone’s fault but my own. Even if my over thinking, super analyzing, misinterpreting, over indulgence…..

My wanting too much, needing too hard and expecting it all only to be disappointed with the outcome, is the beginning and the end….

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